Install Suspended Ceilings
Quicker Than Ever Before...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you install suspended ceilings, these photos will speak volumes to you.

These are pictures of the Cross-T-Squared in action.

You can see how easy it is to use, and just how well it works.

The Cross-T-Squared will save you time and money every day you use it, and allow you to install suspended ceilings quicker than you ever could before.

Whether you're installing standard or slotted grid, cutting into angled or radius walls, or even building soffits, this is the tool that will allow you to do more in less time.

Horizontal Usage

We have cut the perimeter tee to length and snapped it into the main.

The main is suspended by the hanger wire, and the cut line is in place.

Just like you have done it a million times before.

Here is where we make the change from using your tape, to your new favorite tool.

Simply put the Cross-T-Squared up to the grid, and the first magnet will attach to the main, as the main drops into its alignment slot.

Slide the tee left or right, so it drops into the second slot. Then the second magnet will attach itself to the tee.

Then you simply clamp, punch and rivet, or attach the berc or ACM7 perimeter clip.

Slotted and Standard 9/16" Grid Systems

Here's a slotted perimeter tee that needs some adjustment, too. You could eyeball it or reach for your tape, but here's a better idea.

Grab your Cross-T-Squared, and use the 9/16" slots on the other side of your new favorite tool. 

The unique double-sided design of the Cross-T-Squared tool ensures its compatibility with all 9/16" AND 15/16" ASTM C-635 & ASTM C-636 approved systems, making it a versatile and essential tool for your ceiling system work.

I have used my Cross-T-Squared tool on the following ceiling systems:

  • USG (Donn)
  • Chicago Metallic (CMC)
  • Armstrong (I remember when it was called Rolling Mills)
  • CertainTeed

Yup, the magnets will even work on the slotted systems.

With the tool still attached, snap on your berc or ACM7 clip and tie off the perimeter wire.

If this were your cut-in wall, then attach the clip to the wall angle with screws, check the cut-in line, and then screw the clip to the web of the cross tee.

Vertical Usage

Our vertical tee is cut cut to length, and attached to the upper wall angle.

Now place the Cross-T-Squared on the vertical tee, and slide the tool upwards until the top edge of the tool is in full contact with the wall angle.

The tee is now perfectly plumb, simply clamp, punch and rivet.

The magnets allow for hands-free use, even vertically or on a slope.

The Cross-T-Squared will allow you to build soffits faster than ever before.

With the vertical tees being plumbed perfectly, even tegular tile in a soffit is not a problem anymore.

The soffit pictured here was built and tiled out in just over one hour using a standard USG grid and Radar lay-in tile.

The images above show what the tool can do, but the videos page shows the tool in real-time use. 

My 30-Day Risk Free Test Drive

Your purchase is completely risk-free.

Order a Cross-T-Squared, and use it for the next month.

If at the end of thirty days, you feel the tool is not saving you time and money, return it for a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

It really is that simple.

Curtis Dennis