Cross-T-Squared Videos

These Cross-T-Squared videos allow me show what the tool does, instead of you reading about it, and trying to visualize it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but nothing can demonstrate the "Best Suspended Ceiling Tool" like watching it in action.

The following videos were shot in 2009, and feature the older aluminum two-sided version of the tool, which was anodized red.

The current version is now made from black acetyl polymer, which is lighter and even stronger than the aluminum version. The polymer is also not affected by temperature change, while the aluminum is.

I will be getting some new videos posted very soon, but until then, please enjoy these.

Curtis Dennis

Click the Play button to check out horizontal usage.

The Cross-T-Squared perfectly squares the perimeter tees within the precisely aligned slots which have been cut into it. After snapping in the perimeter tee, instead of eyeballing and/or measuring the Tee for square, just slip this ceiling tool onto the face of the main (the two circular magnets hold it in place), and move the perimeter Tee left or right until it drops into the slot. Clamp, punch, pop-rivet and go on to the next one. Or snap on your Berc clip. It's that easy!

Click the Play button to check out vertical usage.

Thanks to the magnets, this acoustical ceiling tool also works vertically. You'll be able to align vertical Tees without plumbing and measuring over and over again. Soffits are so easy now, the edge of the Cross-T-Squared butts up against the wall angle and sets the vertical position for you. You have both hands free because the magnets keep the Cross-T-Squared in place, holding the cross-tee perfectly plumb for you while you clamp, punch and pop. Before you know it your soffit is done!

Click the Play button to view using our tool for alcove/wing walls

This suspended ceiling tool also makes it easy to square up when going around a wing wall or alcove...

1. Snap in the cross tee, and temporarily suspend it with a hanger wire
2. Place the Cross-T-Squared onto the tee and main runner intersection
3. Measure from the cross tee tab back to the wall

Click the Play button and see our tool being used for angled ceilings

This new ceiling tool makes cutting into angled and radius walls a snap, by eliminating the guesswork. Once the main and tee engage with the alignment slots, it's not only done, but done right. The Cross-T-Squared also works well when installing grid inside islands and clouds.